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When I was a young man a long time before knowing about social sex. I was simply hot. I never chased women. Women chased me. I had experiences that guys typically didn’t have. Girls stopped their cars and tried to pick me up, girls whistled at me. Younger girls who knew me in school, upon turning 18 usually, would confess that they had a crush on me all their lives. Girls would approach me on the beach and tell me I was the hottest guy on the beach…one girl even stopped the elevator mid-floor and told me I wasn’t getting off until I kissed her… BUT– don’t go anywhere, just because I was HOT doesn’t mean I got women. I just got approached all the time. As SOON AS I OPENED MY MOUTH (or shortly thereafter), I LOST THEM. THEY WOULD TELL ME I WAS NUTS, AND RUN AWAY. I didn’t quite understand it then, but I DO NOW.

Years later I’m not as good looking as the teenage to 30-year-old version of myself. I still trim and in good physical shape and didn’t quite look my true age, but I was balding and knew I couldn’t compete with a hot 25 year old on sheer looks, but i found something online called social sex, which kept me ahead of the competition for a very long time, and now it’s your turn to know about, it’s a place to hook up with young hot females without the need of going out and chasing after beautiful girls, no need for conversation skills or expensive gifts, just a picture of your self and you are ready to roll.

What you’ll learn when you become one of the members on this unique social sex site, is that it doesn’t hurt to have “good looks” but it is not really important. All it gets you is attention. There are other ways to get a woman’s attention. MONEY, good conversation, personality, and technique are some that come to mind.

What I was soon to learn was that an Older, Balder version of me could get more young women…and keep them… than the Younger, Hotter Version of me ever could.
I DECIDED TO LEARN SOME MORE. I started exploring the social sex personal ads. Within about 1 week again I was routinely going on 2 dates a day (YES A DAY) for about a little over a year. That’s right I had over 700 dates in one year alone.
Believe me, it was a part time job. After about 13 months of this, I settled down with one woman I met and she became my girlfriend — after about 3 months of dating. I lost interest in all other women and in meeting new women. I had a monogamous relationship with her and was faithful for 7 years to her.